Dashain Voya Frame Animation

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Happy Dashain 2070

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Basantapur Alive

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BS 2070


To all including myself 🙂

Whatever Life You’re in is a Vehicle for Waking Up,
Wish you have a complete acceptance and openness to all situations and emotions and all beings.

Wish you discover your true nature and get liberated from Dukkha Suffering and experinece Bliss.

Happy New Year BS 2070

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No to Life

¿¿Something is Freezing me. I am scared to take another step. I am saying NO to everything including Life??

That is an opportunity for myself. I see & acknowledge that i am scared and fearful at the moment. I soften, connect with heart and pour generosity and compassion toward myself and my predicament.

नरम भाव, दया र करुणा

(Inspired by “the wisdom of no escape” by pema chodron)


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Aimless Walk

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Blending LOVE

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