Experience 2011/09/16

From now on i am going to post here some of my learning while working. Title will be in format “Experience [date]”. This post is basically for my future reference. It may not be organized at all and may be in form of bits and pieces.

I was trying to run TIMSCore on my HP-MINI on Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. I am using dual boot system and my project file is in windows
partition(fat32). I wanted to use same files from linux as well.

I setup named virtualhost and changed hosts file. While try to open the site, there was Forbidden error. Access right problem. Tried to change through chmod 777, did not work. Found out access right is set during mounting. Searched for changing it. Some suggested to change fstab and set dmask and fmask correctly. But those things i found really complicated. So what i did was changed the user who runs apache. 🙂 It is not a production server so i can do anything.

User ritesh
Group ritesh

Added to httpd.conf. Now its me who is running apache, I have access to those files so forbidden problem solved.

Next problem was showing error “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘)’……..”. Thought it may be due to model so try to regenerate it. Then there was another problem. When issued
$ ./symfony propel:build-model
error: [propel-om] Could not perform XLST transformation. Make sure PHP has been compiled/configured to support XSLT.

It was due to missing xsl extension so installed it.
$ sudo aptitude install php5-xsl
It solved the problem. Generated model. Parsing error still there. That error was in automatically generated admin code so i checked generator.yml file. Missing space after : in full_name label was causing the problem. Silly mistakes.

Enabled rewrite module and everything worked fine in normal mode as well. $ a2enmod rewrite

So far so good. 🙂

#unorganized #notes #symfony #ubuntu #TIMS


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