KU Interns Selection

From 2011/05/06 to 2011/05/11, Different software company giants were at Kathmandu University. Their main aim was to attract good interns to their company. They presented about their history, client base, work area, technology they use, plus point to join their company and their expectation from interns.

List of the software companies:

1) IT Himalaya – Procit Nepal : ithimalaya, ph 4415984

2) FocusOne Presentation

3) Language Technology Kendra Presentation

4) NepaSoft Presentation

5) Javra Presentation

6) Deerwalk Presentation

7) D2HawkeyeServices : http://d2hawkeyeservices.com/, ph 4435625

(Some of the presentation are missing in above list. I will add when they made them available to me)

I must say Mr. Manoj Shakya has done very good job by arranging such presentation for KU computer students. In my view, those presentations are very informative for the students. Now they have got some glimpse of industry they have been preparing for last 4 years. My one suggestion is DoCSE of KU should try to have such interaction for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students as well. I think it will motivate the students and help them prepare them-self for the industry.

On 2011/05/11, six companies except IT Himalaya also took interview of the students for internship selection. I don’t know what question has been asked in the interview. But i am sure one think they might have looked for is how motivated are they to learn new things. All the best to all the students for their internship and bright future.


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