Master’s Defense

On May 8th, 2011, There was Thesis Defense of Graduate Batch 2008 DoCSE at Kathmandu University. Here i am not going to cover what they have presented but cover question being asked after presentation by external as well as internal evaluators. I think it will be
interesting and helpful to those who are thinking for Masters Thesis Defense at KU. đŸ™‚

There was three defense:
A) Thesis Title: Interactive Voice Response as an Alternative to Access Database Presenter: Sugat Sikrikar
Dr. Subarna Shakya (External Evaluator) asked following questions: 1) What is the difference between Voice, Sound & Speech?
2) Can you tell me frequency range of human voice?
3) Do you know other types of database other than RDMS?
4) Is your database normalized? In which form is it? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF 5) What is your contribution?
6) What are your references? Does it have research papers?
7) What is new innovation in your work?
8) Is it project or thesis?
9) What is Use Case diagram? Why have you used Use Case Diagram? 10) Does your system needs internet? Is it tested using Internet? 11) Have you done cost benefit analysis comparing with other probable solutions? Other suggestions:
12) Why abstract is one and half page long? It should be short. 13) Diagrams in the report should be clear and computer generated. It should not be hand written.

Suggestions by Dr. Sanat Bista:
1) Use author date format for reference citation.
2) List the literature reference for further application.

Questions by Mr. Niraj Shrestha:
1) Since you are directly updating tables using phpmyadmin, How to populate multiple data tables?
2) Is multiple admin possible in your system?

B) Thesis Title: Implementation of IPv6 in Nepal
Presenter: Bikash Shrestha
Dr. Subarna Shakya asked:
1) What is your contribution? IPv4 and IPv6 is already there. 2) What are the drawbacks while implementing in Nepal?
3) What is the difference between class A, B & C?
4) What do you mean by multicast?
5) In Microsoft, What is new?
6) Where is a comparative study?
7) Do you need to change everything to implement IPv6? Is there other alternative?
8) What is security part in IPv6?

Mr. Purushotam Kharel asked:
1) In Slide 22, What do you mean by quality of service in IPv6? 2) Do you have any specialized type of question in research questionnaire? 3) What are the various tools & techniques that you have used?

C) Thesis Title: Nepali words sense disambiguation using adapted lesk algorithm Presenter: Udaya Raj Dhungana
Dr. Subarna Shakya asked:
1) What is N. Shrestha’s contribution and your contribution? 2) In your work only system accuracy is checked, What is computing accuracy level?
3) What is the benefit to the customer using lesk algorithm? Why have you chosen it?

It is not so easy to defend Master’s Thesis. Looks like, needs a lots of preparation.


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5 Responses to Master’s Defense

  1. deepesh says:

    thats interesting :-)!!.. number of questions dramatically reducing with the order of presenters. Means less preparation if you are towards the end?!!!

  2. lkafle says:

    hahahaha yes dada thats wonderful

  3. Sugat says:

    Most of the questions that was asked were completely unexpected. I has more prepared on the content of the thesis. However, my suggestion is not to pretend stuff that you do not know. If you know you explain it, if not say I will look upon it or just say thanks for the suggestion. My thesis paper can be viewed at

  4. lkafle says:

    Yes, we could see from excerpts many were unexpected. Yes we cant pretend. thank you for clarification and ur site

  5. Udaya R. Dhungana says:

    its really very very interesting ….. and useful to those who are going to defense their thesis specially at KU. ….

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